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  • akkakarla
    08-26 02:30 PM
    My PD is current since I filed the case, after waiting for almost 8 months I opened the S.R and got the letter back explaining...."We are actively working on your case, however your case under extended background check�blah..blah..blah�"

    What exactly is that? Do you know what they are trying to do? Is it part of delay tactics? What exactly do they do in extended background check does anyone know what it is?

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  • cilantro
    09-28 05:16 PM
    My GC is under process and I am using my EAD. Due to a family emergency, I may need to go to India for a longer period of time. Right now, I dont see any option but to resign from my current job and move to India. But I do not want to risk my GC process either.
    What can I do in this situation? Please advise.

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  • javadeveloper
    07-27 10:24 PM
    Sodh thanks for your responses

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  • tjayant
    10-16 11:53 PM
    That is what i did. I'm in the same boat.


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  • rockstart
    02-01 01:04 PM
    Most of the times all they want it that you introduce them as a sub vendor and pay them $2-5/hr. So the new relation ship will be

    Z -> New Vendor -> Y -> X -> You

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-03 12:40 AM
    The Swine Flu saga continues. Mexico reported three new deaths from the swine flu epidemic Saturday and urged citizens not to let their guard down against a virus that has killed 19 in people in Mexico and is spreading across Asia and Europe.

    Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova said Mexico's confirmed swine flu cases jumped to 473, including the 19 deaths. The previous death toll in Mexico was 16. A Mexican toddler also died in Texas days ago, for a worldwide total of 20.

    In accordance with measures announced by the Government of Mexico to limit the congregation of large crowds to prevent the spread of the H1N1 virus, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and the U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez advise that most consular services are being suspended. The dates listed below may change. The Embassy and Consulate General will monitor the H1N1 situation continuously during the week and will update information on our website if the dates of the suspension of service change.

    Immigrant Visa operations in Ciudad Juarez have been suspended from April 30 to May 8. Immigrant visa and waiver applicants who have April 29 appointments should proceed to the Consulate. The panel physicians are closed. Those applicants who have consular immigrant visa appointments after May 8 and have not yet obtained their medical exams should not come to Juarez until the panel physicians have re-opened.

    All non-immigrant visas operations in Mexico have been suspended until May 6.

    Consular services for U.S. citizens throughout Mexico will be limited to emergency assistance and to citizenship applications (passports and consular reports of birth abroad, or CRBA). Anyone with passport or CRBA appointments are encouraged but not required to reschedule to a later date. For more complete information on consular operations during the flu outbreak, as well as the latest travel advisory and warden messages, visit (

    More... (


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  • gapala
    07-16 01:11 PM
    You must have applied 120 days in advance or many days in advance before old AP expiry. USCIS issues AP from the date it was approved so you tend to lose some months. I have heard some other members include a cover letter which says AP start date should be from date of expiry of old AP. Since you already got the document, I doubt you can do much about it. You may lose 2-3 months just trying send it back and requesting it to be corrected. I guess next time when you renew keep the cover letter in mind.

    Not necessarly true. Last time when I renewed the AP, it was approved from 2 days prior to intended travel date specified in the application for 1 year. I am not sure what can be done about this 9 months thing.. hopefully other members will pitch in with experience.

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  • natrajs
    08-21 09:35 AM

    Contact your local lawmaker with your case details

    Call USCIS - NSC

    Write to Ombudsman

    I hope you did all of this already. If not don't wait anymore

    Because you never know, when the new fiscal year begin on Oct 08 for the USCIS the EB2 dates may go back to Mid 2003 and it will not quickly move forward until July or Aug of 09.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck


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  • newlab
    08-18 07:33 PM
    Hi All,
    ****** I have searched all related posts but could not find an answer ********
    I have applied my labor in EB3 category. As i am qualified for the senior position i have asked my management for the next level. so that i can apply in EB2 and get the priority data transferred from EB3 application.

    with the July fiasco applied I485 with the EB3 application. Now my management is working to promote me from software dev to Sr software developer. Should i accept the promotion? my job responsibilites will be same with additional responsibilities. What will happen to my i-485 application if i take the promotion?

    Thank you.

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  • prav27
    01-20 01:01 AM
    In DS-156 form there is an item 36 which says "Has anyone ever filed an immigration visa petition on your behalf",
    What should be entered for H4 visa holder whose 485 has been filed.
    And if we have to say "Yes" to this question , then whose name should be mentioned in "If Yes ,Who?", should it be the spouse name or the spouse company name ?



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  • ajju
    09-07 12:14 AM
    I dont think it is allowed. One would think that working outside the US while you are waiting for "Adjustment of Status" would be considered abandonment of your I 485

    Still its good to check with your attorney first...

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  • eb3retro
    11-04 07:21 PM
    my spouse AP was approved last friday also from NSC and we recd the document just yesterday.

    Last week friday my advance parole document from NSC was approved & sent , but we have not received the approved document yet.

    Does anyone know how long it will take to receive the AP document once it's approved? We have a travel plan sometime next week.



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  • itkris
    12-10 04:29 PM
    Thanks a bunch for your response. I'm not planning on getting my GC. - will be leaving this country when my H1 term ends. my passport is expiring and i would really like a renewed passport with a valid correct name - just dont want to keep making mistakes over and over again. How difficult is it getting an I-797 after changing the name on the passport. should i file the "action on a petition (I-824?)" or amendment to H1?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  • aworker
    02-09 04:11 PM
    Please help...


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  • smuggymba
    10-08 03:00 PM
    I thought u r H1 status since 1st october. Have u started working for the new H1 employer (leaving ur L1 behind).

    I'm saying u can move from one H1 comp to another within 30 days without paystubs. If u r not even on H1, then this case doesn't arise. At L1, u can't transfer.

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  • desi3933
    08-08 02:17 PM
    Why don't you file a lawsuit? :)

    Good one. :D


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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-02 10:53 AM

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  • perm2gc
    12-09 03:05 AM

    I am going to get married next week.

    I am a H-1b visa holder and I have applied for green card. I am waiting to get approval of I-140.

    I want to file the H-4 visa for my wife and I have couple questions :

    1) How difficult is to apply for H-4 ? Do I need a lawyer for that ?

    2) How will my new status effect my green card application ? Do I need to apply again for I-140 ?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. First time it is always good to approach thru an immigration attorney.

    2.No you don't have to.

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  • milind70
    10-08 12:35 AM

    I had applied for my H1 extension in June 2008 and waited for some time and then upgraded it to premium processing in July. I did not get any result on my H1 extension but in the meantime my GC was approved in August. My question is will i be able to get my H1 processing fee back, at least the premium processing fee. I heard if your H1 processing doesn't get any result in certain time you will be entitled to get your money back.

    Thanks in advance

    I highy doubt it that you will get any fees back from USCIS. If you ask about the status of your H1 they will just get back to you saying that your H1 application was rejected since the applicant is n longer in Non Immigrant status as your status chnaged to Immigrant as soon as your Green Card was approved. You can try but very few people have actually recieved fees back from USCIS. Good luck

    02-24 03:35 AM
    Hi Sam!
    I am not too familiar with ASPX and Silverlight, but I'll take a shot at this!

    Are you using the Silverlight control that is found in ASPX to insert your silverlight content?


    03-22 07:09 PM
    I just found out that my employer did not update the work location on my LCA. I have been working in new jersey for over 4 years now. I have my primary address as Indiana and my company is registered in Illinois. I got payroll on Illinois for 2 years and now NJ for 1 year. How can i correct this? Is it too bad a problem already?

    I don't know what location was listed on the LCA, but since you moved before a new LCA was filed, the employer needs to file a H-1B amendment to correct the situation. If there was a new LCA filed before you moved, no H-1B amendment would have been needed.

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