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  • apoojo
    08-24 02:01 AM
    Thanks for the reply, hibworker.

    Jaggu bhai - in reply to your post: Yes, switch your wife to F1. One primary reason (apart from the ones mentioned above) is by shifting to F1, she is not using up the 6 years available on a 'H' visa. I believe even if you are H4, its counted against you. Once she graduates and moves to an H1, she gets more time on the visa than she would if she stays on H4. As can be concluded from hibworker's post, if (and a BIG IF here) the priority date should become current when she is on F1, she can still ride on your GC filing.

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  • ayaskant
    02-01 10:20 AM
    Thanks kanshul for ur reply. What is your suggestion for me.
    Should I stick onto my current employer.
    Do you have any clue when will be the date current for me.Any chance in this year?
    My clients have made my life hell forcing me to join in the company as permanent.

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  • go_guy123
    05-17 07:09 PM
    how convenient, she didnt need to pay or wait for CIR.
    Some people are only too powerful and influential that others

    Asylum is lot more easier. In fact citizens of Cuba just have to show up in US and they get GC. GC is infact easier for people from China as there is always an option to file for Asylum given the communist govt.

    In this case, though Obama said that course of law will follw. But ofcourse USCIS wont
    pursue the case agressively and give up ("throw the match") and not go for appeals etc.

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  • Escape_Velocity
    04-10 12:48 PM
    GC Struggle, I am not sure about your comments on "reactivated by filing an amendment with USCIS" to get back to H1B status after being employed with EAD. As per my understanding once you had utlized EAD then if one wants to go back to H1B then it is like a NEW H1B petition and NOT just claiming your old H1B. If possible could you pls provide a link to official document stating the approach suggested in your post.


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  • illinois_alum
    08-11 01:13 PM
    I am trying to fill the canadian visa application and would like to know what should I check on Question #8
    a) citizen( obviously not)
    b) Permanent residet
    c) Temporary resident
    e) Student(obviously not)

    It also asks valid until date(What should I put).I am no longer working on H1B as I am using EAD

    Need to travel to canada on Friday(08/13/2010)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Check Temporary Resident
    Provide Date of I-94 validity as valid until date
    You can attach a cover letter and mention that you have an application for permanent residency pending (provide copies of I-485 filing receipts, also copies of AP for proof that you can return back to the US)

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  • wandmaker
    02-12 06:44 PM
    Hi , is the limit for 240 days only or TILL we get the approval ?. What do we need to after 240 days ?. Thanks.

    You can work upto 240 days after your H1 expiry date while your H1B is pending. To continue working from 241st day, you would need EAD otherwise stop working until the decision is made on H1B.


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  • chantu
    02-29 02:18 PM
    Well my employer applied for 140 on "some secret date", that he will not tell us :). So I don't know when he filed. I was under impression that he filed long time back almost a year back and it is approved. Suddenly, I received RFE at my home mail (I was surprised as well my employer..that how it arrived to my address) and I found that my I140 is in limbo state. But blessing in disguise was that now I have my I140 number and A# and I can track it online.

    I don't know when exactly he filed my labor too. He just gave me one page to sign on labor. so I don't know any details of that too.

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  • murthy0103
    09-08 12:13 AM
    Can I get the receipt information from USCIS by calling customer service and giving the h1 receipt number?


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  • ivgclive
    05-10 11:50 AM
    I just applied for my little one yesterday.

    fingers crossed!

    Can't believe getting usa passport for my little one required two page application and just the birthcert, But for PIO they need everything in the world!

    PIO is GREEN CARD for India.

    How many papers you have sent for your PERM & I-140 so far?

    You need to hire a truck to send your I-485 papers in next stage.

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  • Karthikthiru
    07-18 01:14 AM
    We all should organize and fight for Recapturing the VISA numbers and also for SKIL bill



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  • eastindia
    08-03 09:30 PM
    The summer intern who replied to your email did not read it. Why don't you now go and protest against disrespect to your valued email and meet the Senator. Do you really think sending emails will get yes or no on a bill. Unless you are Bill Gates sending an email, who cares. We do not even have votes.

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  • x1050us
    05-15 08:06 PM
    I got my GC last year auguest but her gc/485 status is stil pending. Is it even possible based on her case was dependent on me? What can I do abt it. Thanks.

    Did you submit the 485s together or separately.


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  • check_name
    07-21 02:02 PM
    I got stuck in FBI name check for over 2+ years (24+ months)... run out of
    patience or anything :mad: . I now decide to sue them by filing writ of mandamus in court. I'd like to have an experienced attorney do it for me. I'm looking for an attorney who is responsible and responsive, has been successful in filing writ of mandamus for clients to get the name check moving. If you know/use any attorney like this, would you please let me know by emailing me or sending email to prof_risk at hotmail dot com, thanks a lot!

    I live in Maryland, I'd like the attorney to be located in great DC area.
    I really appreciate your help

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  • juhis
    06-14 06:45 PM
    I am speaking from experience. Download the forms needed for filing 485, EAD and AP. Then when your attorney send you his/her set ( normally they do this in 2 stages - one they will send you a draft copy to verify and correct all info - some have online questionnaire; stage two - they send the final forms for you to verify and sign again - this they may do paper copy or online PDF - that cannot be edited - not fill able forms).

    So, here I am providing links to all forms that I know are needed. These from site are fill able. Weekend is coming. Fill them, and print and keep them.

    When attorney sends papers, compare yours with their and do corrections in theirs ( usually it will have stamps of the firm)

    Application To Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status - I-485 (

    Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status - I-693 (

    There is a supplemental 693 also for vaccination records.

    Biographic Information - I-325 A (
    There are A, B, C and other versions. I filled A

    Application for Employment Authorization - I-765 (

    Application for Travel Document - I-131 (

    Affidavit of Support - I-134 (

    I completed all these forms with 100% correct info- still the Paralegal - made mistakes again and again ( I can't correct the PDF as Adobe PDF writer is 1800 USD). I lost ONE precious week. Hoping to file on 06/01/2007, filed on 06/08. Learn and be wiser from experience, yours and others.

    This is what I call a true productive forum. Thanks factoryman for providing this list.


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  • BraveMadMan
    07-17 11:55 PM
    Totally agree. Let's relax for a few days, and then move on to tackle the issues

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  • she81
    01-23 08:25 PM
    "Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
    So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
    Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
    - Mark Twain

    Nice adage. :)


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  • krishnam70
    06-11 05:13 PM
    Dear Viewers

    Could anyone please advice me on how to claim the unpaid salary from the previous employers.

    I was working for a company based in Michigan run by an Indian. This person did not pay me my last month salary. He does not pick up his phone or respond to my email. I have all the proof that my client has paid him the money for which I worked but he continue to ignore my request. This guy owes me around 5000 dollars.

    Any piece of advice would be of great help.

    1. Send an email to the employer
    2. Send a letter with a proof of delivery and signature stating your case and that you need to be paid and reminding him/her of their legal obligation and give them 7-10 days to comply failing which you will report to DOL.
    3. If you have not received your dues, complain to your DOL immediately

    I assume that your legal status is not compromised by doing the above and you have a backup for maintaining your legal status in case the employer comes back at you by canceling your H1 etc.

    - cheers

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  • check_name
    07-24 07:35 PM
    I'm a new comer... I would like to contribute if I could...but what's IV?

    sorry that I was away the past weekend, thus the late reply


    Thanks for contributing to our common cause if you have already done. If not, I would like your to contribute to IV. Every member in this forum has different issues and IV is working towards most of the issues.

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  • ArkBird
    09-14 11:46 PM
    Thanks for sharing your experience.. BTW, were you using your AP for the first time? I have heard that while traveling on AP you need to go through secondary screen, which takes time. Is that true?

    Yes you have to go to secondary inspection. Time depends on how many other people are referred to secondary inspection. There will be some with AP some with other issues. In my case, there were 7-8 people ahead of us and it took close to 90 minutes.


    05-05 03:46 PM
    Thanks to everyone who responded. So in summary, it looks like:
    * I can own a business on H1B.
    * I cannot take any proceeds/profits from the business, but can use it to grow it further.
    * I can work for the business as long as I don't take any money from it.
    - Can a guru please confirm this?
    * The business can buy me equipment and accessories to work.

    As everyone suggested, I will consult a CPA and immigration lawyer to confirm but wanted to get some initial idea.

    04-23 12:05 AM
    I am a passive reader of this forum for a long time and greatly respect knowledge and helpful attitude here,

    I received the RFE on 485 for both myself and my wife. Currently we have only received the the email and notice will be sent to my lawyer

    Company:A for Programmer/Analyst: and 140 is approved.

    I was jobless for 3 weeks from Mid March and since then I have joined a decent consulting firm on EAD.

    Now I have PERMANANT offer as s/w Dev with a big company in that I was planning to start from 5/4/2009, they are aware of the fact that they may have to give letter in support of my pending GC.

    I am confused as to what should be my next steps:
    Can I still join them?
    What is the less risky option?
    Keep working with current company? (I haven't informed them of pending offer)
    I very much appreciate any help you can provide.

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