Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rover Sd1 Vitesse

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  • Humhongekamyab
    07-30 12:14 PM
    It appears only EB-3's are getting approved these days.

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  • beibei2929
    05-15 03:18 PM
    Thank you! Priderock!

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  • zdash
    10-26 03:11 PM
    DREAM act just got shot in the heart but it's still alive. On September 22, 2010, Richard Durbin introduced the bill once again along with Richard Lugar.
    I don't know what you mean by starting the GC process, you mean file I485?

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  • lacrossegc
    08-10 07:29 PM
    both you and your wife should be in US to file for AOS


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  • arnab221
    11-11 01:23 PM
    Please check this post by murthy on Non 09, 2007

    On October 23, 2007, sixteen members of the New Democrat Coalition, led by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, requested that "the House take action this year to resolve the immediate talent crisis that is facing U.S. employers." The group is pushing for reform that would increase H1B and employment based permanent residence, or "green card" quotas, before Congress adjourns this year.

    Any IV updates on this ?

    Yet again we have H1B and GC issues together , does this mean there is no chance that this would succeed ?

    This year has seen like a 100 letters go back and forth between the house and senate on High skilled immigration , and we are where we were . The only outcome that the senators have had is they have improved their letter writing skills :D, and the only advantage nancy pelosi has had is that she is now the proud owner of a file which by now is 100 letters thick all pleading her to reform the immigration process and how prodly she can proclaim that she has done NOTHING to improve our plight . :D

    SORRY to SAY this but cannot help but be sarcastic. :confused:

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  • panvel123
    09-26 05:11 PM
    I sent a single check for me and my wife and there are 6 lin numbers on my scanned encashed cheque


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  • smarth
    06-02 07:56 PM
    Filed in NSC and date is August 17th 2007.
    EB3 - April 2004 Priority date

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  • HawaldarNaik
    02-10 10:03 PM
    As they say in India 'Ganga Nahaya'....u have bathed in the Ganges.....enjoy your are out of the cell....we wait for our turn to be set free............


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  • bombay
    01-08 01:07 PM
    my spouse did not change her last name. Its not required in America. Even the bank accounts are different.

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  • upuaut
    08-16 07:00 AM
    oh.. it's probebly the tutorial on duh.. (guess I haven't woken up yet either.)


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  • english_august
    07-09 10:55 PM
    Hardly anyone has volunteered to go to USCIS with nixstor. That's sad. We are getting a megaphone to talk about our problems and yet in the entire DC area with a huge IV membership, we have just one person willing to go to USCIS.

    I am kinda rubbing my eyes in disbelive right now!

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  • reverendflash
    10-21 03:54 AM
    No, no problem with asking me any question... just beware, I might just answer you! :P

    Nothing sinister... she's still alive, married again... hope she's happy (we've spoken twice in10 years)...

    Right after that I kinda had an epiphany about not liking who I was becoming, and saw it wasn't where she was going, so I left, at about 3:00 in the morning, with her ring in my hand (she threw it at me), and the clothes on my back...

    We will just say my life became much more spiritual from that night on... :cool:



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  • rajeshalex
    09-19 02:14 PM
    Another thing. Since the ticket starts from India base fare will be in INR and when u buy online the credit card company converts $ into INR. Usually credit card company exchange rate is lower than the ones provided by HDFC and other banks.

    Also check for foreign transaction charges imposed by credit card companies..

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  • GCHope2011
    08-10 08:20 AM
    alright..I came back without any problem.

    Immigration at POE (Dulles airport) was breeze, first officer said, " have parole letter".
    he checked something in the system and asked me to go inside..

    Took baggage..went into customs...where they sent me into another room.

    CBP officer took the AP..felt bad that I have been waiting since 2007 for < 5 mins, stamped and said, good are done.

    Thats it.
    Welcome back and thanks for posting the conclusion of the thread.

    Hope all is well on home front.


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  • skd
    09-06 03:18 PM
    Dear All,

    I just received a FP notice for my wife scheduled for Sep 19, 2007. I have not received mine yet (I am the primary applicant), I have a few questions regarding this. Please help me if you have any information.

    1. Is it normal for the primary applicant to not receive FP notice at the same time as dependent?
    2. Can my wife get it done without me getting an FP notice?
    3. Can I get my FP done on the same day as my wife even though I did not receive my FP notice?
    4. I have filed for I-485, EAD and AP, will we both receive an FP notice for all 3 applications or it is just one FP for all applications?

    Please help us with your expertise. Thank you very much for all your time.

    PD: Aug 2005

    You should get yours in 1-2 days

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  • bkarnik
    04-13 04:30 PM
    We will be sending out an email to all of you very soon. Hopefully we can have a conference call maybe this weekend to go over what we are trying to achieve with the help of volunteers

    Any update for this weekend?


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  • shx
    09-27 11:11 PM
    Hi Everyone

    I got an RFE for my I140 filed in September 2006. They asked me to show my W2 for 2006 and also show that the employer had the ability to pay the offered wage in case my W2 is less than the offered wage.

    My W2 has 8k less than the offered wage. My company has not yet filed 2006 Taxes. Can you tell me whats the best thing to do? My employer has good revenue, but I guess he has been showing a net loss every year.

    Please help me out. Tell me if any of you have gone through similar issues.


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  • immique
    03-30 12:27 AM
    please update us on when you get your visa and please post your entire experience as it would help others. you should have applied for AP while you are in US. Now that you are outside and do not have AP, the only options I see are you just wait on the visa from US consulate in Canada or alternatively, you can request your passport back telling them that you would like to apply for visa in India as you cannot stay in Canada for an extended period of time.

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  • h88
    11-16 04:26 PM
    Lol, i didnt c the other part of your attachment Lost, man u rock!

    04-28 01:21 PM

    The person who started this thread is not even in a position to use AC21. Does anyone know if one can change employers with approved I-140 (I-485 not filed) and is in 7th year of h1b ?

    09-05 10:43 PM
    all the best jazz..


    I traveled to India and got back on Monday (9/1/2008), AP expiring on 9/4.

    As expected, I was asked to go to secondary inspection.
    Handed them the passport, I-94 and AP.

    (Saw others handing over wads of paperwork... )

    Got called at the counter (others were being called by officers for interviews in different rooms... ). The only question asked: What's your job. Took less than 15 seconds.

    I was hoping to get the CPO email while I was traveling, but no such luck. Apparently, NSC hasn't kept pace with TSC... :)


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