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salma hayek age

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  • sunnymit
    02-17 04:19 PM
    Where does one get this document that you have posted here?

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  • GCchakravyuh
    07-17 12:53 AM
    Thanks to Business week for well presenting the facts...

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  • salma hayek husband age

  • coolgc
    05-08 05:13 PM
    Thank you, indyanguy, morchu and Mr. Reddy for your insights. Since, I am working with the same employer, I think they will not revoke the old I-140. I am not sure if I have to do medical examination again if I decide to send a new I-485?. Can I ask the doctor to re-send the I-693 form?

    Thank you again!

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  • Salma Hayek and Francois

  • jennyucf
    07-19 03:47 PM
    Who is the chapter chair in the Indy area? Can we get the contact information?

    Thanks! :)


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  • salma hayek husband age. carla

  • snathan
    02-21 12:43 PM
    Thanks snathan. Can you please point me to a link that lists down the conditions needed to satisfy EB1/EB2/EB3. The link provide by samuel5028 is not working.


    IV is trying to eliminate the backlog and reduce the wait time for the EB2 and EB3. There is a lobby day arranged on Apr 4 & 5 DC. Please join the advocacy if possible. Otherwise you can donate money, air miles or hotel reward points for members who attending.

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  • Salma Hayek Profile:

  • punjabi
    07-18 10:50 AM

    Even my co-workers (including me) have not received their returned applications. I have a question here:

    The Cover letter of my 485 petition was signed by MY EMPLOYER on the company's letterhead. Just in case, just in case, INS decides to return that application - will it be sent to my employer's address or to my residential address??

    There was no attorney involved and it was not a concurrent filing with I-140.

    Appreciate your reply.



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  • insbaby
    09-02 11:15 PM
    I got 2 red dots for this .....Crazy people


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  • bijualex29
    03-24 12:31 PM
    If Total 290000
    EB-1 EB-2 EB-3
    % Allowed 15% 15% 35%
    No of Visa Issued 43500 43500 101500
    India NMT10% 29000 29000 29000

    This is based on the assumption that 10% per county limit out of 290,000 visa. The law state No county can get more than 10% of immigration visa. Is that mean 10% of 290,000+480,000 or 10% of 290,000?

    If the Law state that 10% of immigration visa ( which is 140,000 + 290,000). Then here is the amount of visa allotted to each county.

    Total 770000
    EB-1 EB-2 EB-3
    % Allowed 15% 15% 35%
    No of Visa Issued 115500 115500 269500
    India NMT10% 77000 77000 77000

    I may be totally wrong here. Please clarify me if I am wrong

    Am I missing something here? Please clarify


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  • Salma Hayek was born on

  • Anders �stberg
    April 10th, 2004, 10:09 AM
    Sorry to go on about my birds, but this I wanted to share...

    I was out to get some training photographing flying birds when I suddenly saw this seagull that had a wooden stick poking out from the neck. I decided to turn photo journalist for a while and concentrate on pictures of this unlucky bird. I don't know what could have happened to it, either it has accidentally flown into something or God forbid someone has shot an arrow at it. :(

    I have already found out that photographing flying birds is difficult, but try photographing a specific bird in a big flock - that's taking the difficulty to another level! :) I managed to get a few inflight pictures as well though. Unfortunately it was of course not too difficult to spot with the wooden pointer attached.

    This is what I first saw, the bird flying past me a couple of times:

    He was clearly irritated, kept scratching around the head and shaking to get rid of the stick:

    This bird seemed quite dominant, kept chasing off other birds, so it wasn't too hindering:

    He was also out on the water, resting as well as courting and chasing other birds:

    When I threw in some bribes he also joined in in the feeding, both feet and stick in the water:

    Here's another inflight picture with the ugly stick poking out:

    And a final portrait of this unlucky bird:

    To end on a slightly brighter note here are two birds just about to take off:


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  • engineer
    07-16 07:14 PM
    Due to un-availability of revised bulletin, if NSC approves i485 and issues AP and EAD, they cannot cancel they have not used any visa # at this time ? Am I correct ?


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  • SGP
    11-04 02:38 PM
    anyone having inputs to the query below:

    Adding to the scenario above, what if the old company (which got I-140 approval) agrees to continue the GC process? In that case, can't we apply for H1 extension with Company B using approved I-140 with Company A? After all, GC is a future employment application

    In this scenario, you can apply for H1 extension with Company B using approved I140 of company A.

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  • tikka
    06-07 04:28 PM
    please Contribute.
    Iv Needs Funds


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  • gk_2000
    01-29 08:47 AM
    Obama's point was direct. "Others come here from abroad to study in our colleges and universities. But as soon as they obtain advanced degrees, we send them back home to compete against us. It makes no sense."

    He needs to get his basics right first. What does he mean that they send them back home to compete against US? 99.99% of them apply for H1Bs in the 20K reserved for students and if that quota gets used up, they even are allowed to get into the regular pool of 65%. With minimal knowledge, Mr. Prez is making big comments...More like a joke :D

    You have to remember, he is talking about the present POLICIES, and what your F1 visa expects from you. Not what people may manage to do (by hook and sometimes by crook)

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  • Carl2k
    11-03 01:34 AM
    Im interested. Need time to fill up. Pulling my hair out with all this free time of mine.


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  • kittu07in
    08-27 03:20 PM
    [.....Before your H-1 gets denied and before you move to EAD, it is important to change her status to F1, you can do this as long as her H-4 I-94 has not expired. You will need your latest Paystubs and H-1 approval to do this. ...]

    My H1B visa may be getting expired Sep4th....but her old H4 approval is valid until 2011.
    Is she safe even my visa (H1B) expired on 4th Sept.
    If I apply F1 (Student Visa) will take another 45 days to get F1 approval from INS.
    So....what happens to her status? Is she valid to stay until she gets F1 approval notice?

    ~Thanks in advance

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  • smiledentist
    06-21 10:59 AM


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  • chintu25
    12-02 11:45 AM
    I am at the risk of being laid off anytime but will not stop my contributions to IV

    I am convinced that this cause is far bigger that 1 job or one individual .

    To live with the insecurity of loosing status doubles the anxiety of loosing a job .

    I hope that this situation doesnt befall on anybody here on IV....

    We deserve better ...All of us here are educated and highly skilled and we deserved to be treated right .

    If you think I am right .....Contribute atleast USD 10 right NOW and post it here.

    God help us and Capre Diem ( Sieze the day ) to all of us

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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-21 03:29 PM
    With all due respect to the Murthy Chat, the CA has been to the appeals office where they have found it equivalent to a BA.

    The following is from site.

    Question: Good evening, Murthiji. Do you think professional degree holders, like Chartered Accountants / Company Secretaries, may be deemed as equivalent to master�s degree holders for green card purposes under EB2?

    Answer: Generally, CAs are not considered to be master"s degree holders. In fact, many of them do not even equate to a bachelor"s degree since, in India, the bachelor"s is only a 3-year program instead of a 4-year program. Also, the CAs do not attend proper coursework like with degrees here, so it can be a problem if one has no other education besides the BA or BCom with the CA license. Sep-12-2005.

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  • At the age of 44, Salma Hayek

  • martinvisalaw
    10-22 03:27 PM
    So when she appears for H-4 interview in consulate in India, will there be any questions on her H1 stay in US? Is there a chance of her H-4 getting denied in case if the officer finds her out of status stay?

    It is unlikely. The officer will know that she violated status, because she must disclose this on the DS-156 or DS-160, whichever she will use.

    Does she need to show proof of her in-status stay while in US for appearing for H-4 interview?
    No, thankfully, because she can't

    Are we allowed to appear for our interviews at any consulate in India or are we restricted to appear only that consulate which is in my area of jurisdiction?

    You need to check the consulate requirements on this. They vary widely, and change frequently.

    02-24 07:55 AM
    Obama administration is selling out their ideologies to garner support of Republicans.

    So what has really changed? Bush/Cheney were selling the country to the Saudis. Obama and gang are selling out to the Republicans. Yeah, some change.

    are coming per Oh website.....

    12-03 11:22 PM
    Hehe....sorry, it was not meant for you specifically......that was in general :) will be at least an year, if not years, before we see our greens.

    lol...where do u see excitement in my post? i know its atleast a year for me to see some green.

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