Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • quizzer
    09-28 12:33 AM
    EB2 or EB3?

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  • ak_2006
    07-08 04:38 PM
    If Priority date is usable even though I-140 revoked by the employer......this looks fantastic option to join new job where we can get Eb2 process.

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  • raamskl
    07-04 03:38 PM
    Attorney Murthy referred to few cases (I think she said 3) that went thru her law firm, which got approved on the last week of June and also on July 2nd. She said both her client (who were pleasently surprised, good for them) and the law firm were surprised as the dates were not current in June and also not in July due to revised VB.

    She mentioned it in the context of lot of crazy things that is happening in USCIS and questioned the 60,000 cases that are being claimed to have been approved in under a month. All these bizarre happenings would get questioned and hopefully explained in the litigation.

    Join the litigation was the big message in the conference call today.

    Good Luck.

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  • eb3retro
    12-13 10:05 AM
    The U.S. Department of State (DOS) Visa Bulletin for January 2008 contains more bad news for Indian nationals in the EB2 category. The cutoff date for EB2, India, retrogressed by two additional years, to January 1, 2000. Moreover, the prediction contained in the Visa Bulletin for EB2, India, is that the annual limit could be reached within the next few months. If this occurs, the category will become "unavailable" for the remainder of the fiscal year.

    The explanation for this is simply that demand for visa numbers by the USCIS for EB2, India, adjustment-of-status cases far exceeds supply

    EB3 cutoff dates either remained unchanged or moved slightly forward, depending upon country of chargeability. The January Visa Bulletin cutoff dates become effective on January 1, 2008. Until that time, the December 2007 Visa Bulletin cutoff dates remain valid.


    good morning sunshine...


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  • venkat80
    08-28 03:21 PM
    Feb 06 - NSC


    Did you not post some days back that you were approved for 485.What is your PD and what service center.

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  • kondur_007
    07-28 04:25 PM
    Make sure that everyone in the family who has a pendng 485 has the travel document (AP); otherwise 485 will be considered abandoned.

    If you are traveling by road and the trip is < 30 days, just use Automatic visa revalidation and do not surrender I 94 and come back on the old I 94.

    If you are travelling by air or if trip is > 30 days, surrender I 94 and you can enter any way (on H1/H4 or AP does not matter as long as everyone HAS an AP).

    Good Luck with your trip.


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  • zeta7
    03-25 06:55 PM
    Sorry to hear about your luck. Like Skalra mentioned, I too would look into using your AP to re-enter. You said that you had already received your EAD, so I'm assuming you applied for AP too? Otherwise I think you'll just have to weather it out. Based on other posts here I think it'll take 4-6 weeks to get verification done.

    And can they really just hold your passport at the embassy? Can't you request to have it returned, if for example, you want to use the AP option? Perhaps some other scholars here can answer that question.

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  • macrosky
    06-14 07:11 AM
    Thank you! raysaikat
    So it is just like applying a new H1 visa, but include a copy of my current approved H1 visa and maybe some pay checks from my current employer?


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  • glus
    05-13 11:26 AM
    Staying abroad constitutes "abandonment of U.S. residency." It is not related to "immigrant intent" at all. Worked for an Immigration Law office for long.

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  • gsc999
    11-17 04:09 PM
    I do not think that the nuclear deal with India belongs at the Green Card retrogression part, unless this is a site for Indians only.
    I am Indian too but I have to agree this post doesn't belong here.
    Diverts attention and divides members.


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  • geesee
    08-14 03:31 PM
    am also actively looking/shopping around to get a decent life insurance quote. meeting one broker tomm. she'll give me approx. rates for metlife, ny life and few other life insurance companies.. will PM you if i find competitive rates.

    $50 for 1/2 mil. seems lot of money! is that ROP term or just plain term life insurance?

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  • Anders �stberg
    July 18th, 2004, 12:20 PM
    I think I already have for birds. ;)

    :p Well, then I should too.
    :o Please accept my apologies for saturating this forum with my bird pictures.
    :cool: I'm not likely to stop though.
    :( Unless Steve tells me to.
    :confused: Anyone know what the faces mean?
    :rolleyes: This one is particular.


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  • xu1
    04-10 11:06 AM
    I will send an email after work with details.. Can't use webbased mail right now at work.

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  • gc_kaavaali
    06-03 03:46 PM
    please help


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  • jungalee43
    03-05 11:36 AM
    Something is happening on Hill. One more enforcement only bill in Senate. Its on CNN LIVE VIDEO. All senators are talking about not giving drivers license, not allowing to open bank accounts etc.
    Well it is our friend from Alabama: - "individual bill is a right approach this year."

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  • ragz4u
    04-13 06:06 PM


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    01-01 04:37 PM
    Well we are still waiting for people from 2001 to get their green cards. I don't know how huge an impact recession is going to have.

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  • Prasad_FL
    08-02 11:33 PM
    Chennai consulate would take 1 or 2 days for processing. You can send an email to them or talk to VFS and request if they can re-schedule it for earlier date.
    Wen you do not have much time, you should not take any chance. Try to reschedule it in Delhi or Bombay.

    Chennai consulate took 2 days in 2005.
    Delhi consulate took 2 days in 2006.

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  • gc_on_demand
    10-14 04:51 PM
    This bill should be supported by all EB categories. 50,000 visas per year is significant.

    Trust me.. Unless CIR passes or fails nothing is going to change. These introductions are base less. Its like just a thought. Even all of 500k professionals who might be stuck at various stages of GC process unite and call to pass it . It will not pass. Period.

    Hispanic caucus will not allow any piecemeal approach for immigration. They are holding EB reform for illegals. So lets hope that CIR gets introduce and pass with our relief. If CIR passes then it will have recapture. If it fails then we can try for recapture or any of these without worry for hispanic caucus. So I dont think so IV or even any organization like IV can do anything for next 6 months where CIR may get a chance. All we can do is call congress man and ask for support when CIR discussion comes on floor.

    We may achieve some admin fixes if current administration really wants to help us.

    06-26 03:55 PM
    for me company is paying for everything except medical..

    09-01 06:52 PM
    Did anyone get their GC Approvals from USCIS Local Offices which are pending after the interview is complete? If anyone is waiting for local office cases what is the process they are following and how is the approval process?

    I am waiting for my approval of my EB2 India with PD Nov 2004. it is pending in San Jose Local office

    I guess applications pending at local office are unlucky guys :-(


    I respectfully disagree with the statement that people who get interviewed are unlucky.

    If you get an interview atleast your case is processed (FBI check and all are done prior to interview MOSTLY but not for all cases). Instead of that your file is s'h'itting at a bigger USCIS location it just sits in a local office. The concern that there is no way to find out where the file is when dates are current is true if your file is at a national ctr or at any other office. You cant do much.

    In the case when file is at a local office you atleast know where it is and can try various things with the help of infopass and attorney. (Ask your lawyer and he/she should be able to tell you how to get GC when case is just waiting for a damn visa # and is at a local USCIS office)

    Instead of not knowing where the file is, what has been processed or not its better to know that all you need is a VISA # and you can always prepare to get the real thing when you see the VISA BULLETIN and know that you are current for the coming month.........

    If it does not make sense I probably wont have stamina to re-write....just too busy at work.........so I am hoping this helps.

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