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  • diptam
    07-29 04:40 PM
    I dont know if USCIS requires this format or not but i submitted my 140 with this letter format... By the way - my 140 is not yet approved its pending for 3 Months at Nebraska.


    May 05, 2007



    This letter is to verify that Mr. XXXXXXXXXXX was employed by <company name> as a full-time Software Engineer from mm1/yyyy1 to mm2/yyyy2. During this period he worked 40 Hours per week.

    During the period of employment at <company name> Mr. XXXXXXXXXXX’s duty were to Plan, design, develop, test and document application software using < technology list .... >

    Mr. XXXXXXXXXXX has always rendered his services with the highest degree of responsibility and professionalism and we wish Mr. XXXXXXXXXXX all the best in his future endeavors.


    Project Manager



    This is my first post here. I was looking for "Experience Letter Format" that Is needed for filing I-140. I have not started my GC yet but was looking for all the documents required. It seems to be a nice idea to get all the experience letters from the previous employers before starting labor process.

    If some one has the format currently required by USCIS, please post it.


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  • alucard666
    08-11 04:29 PM
    Hi All,
    A few questions for those who have experience with registering a sole prop. in the US.
    My wife is on an H4 visa and has registered a sole prop. earlier this year. Since she is not eligible to work, she has hired a U.S. citizen as a contractor to run the company.
    Does owning a company in the US have any impact on our green card application?
    Can she draw profits from the company at the end of the year as a return on the investment she made to start the company?
    Is she considered a "U.S. person" ( seen in multiple tax forms )?
    Is it safe for her to fill out a W-9 form with the FEIN that the company was registered with?
    Thanks for the quick response.

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  • number30
    04-25 08:26 PM
    Thanks a lot for the quick reply!

    Will Advance Parole be valid until she comes back? Technically you cannot take her Green card and give it to her outside US.

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  • evgrace
    03-03 06:14 PM
    Did You get to change the FNU status? what did u do? ?I am facing the same issue here


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  • TomPlate
    07-09 08:28 PM
    There are lot of people from good companies expected to FILE 1485 and the company takes care fully. So we may not be able to join unless the company says yes.

    Such companies are

    Cognizant Technology Solutions
    Polaris Software Lab
    HCL Technologies
    Covansys and other companies

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  • Cheran
    07-01 10:44 AM
    My labor and 140 are approved under EB3 with priority date May 2003. Since Green Card is for future employment can I port my date to EB2 with another company and
    a. Not tell my current employer and continue with my job
    b. Not work for my future employer


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  • Jeff Wheeler
    04-09 08:04 PM
    Great job both of you, and glad I could offer inspiration. :D

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  • raysaikat
    01-14 12:48 AM
    Mcom+MBA+Mphil +NET + 5 yrs exp as lecturer in Delhi.

    In my experience, that level of qualification might cut it for a community college (that gives associate degrees) or adjunct positions (very low paid temporary positions) in 4 year colleges, but won't for a full time tenure track position (requires Ph.D.). Business schools might have some flexibility in hiring if the person has a very strong business background (e.g., CEO of some company).

    Anyway, most academic positions are advertised in and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Around bay area, other than Stanford and Berkeley, you have SJSU.


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  • meridiani.planum
    05-09 11:33 PM
    With the possiblity of the annual spillover coming up soon, wanted a quick poll to see the upcoming PD distribution within the IV community. EB2-India and waiting for adjudication only please (we can start another one for EB3-I & ROW)

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  • godbless
    06-25 05:09 PM
    hi guys this is urgent plzzzzzz help
    i am a pharmacist recently licensed in florida and i found 2003 approved labor but my lawyer is telling me that in order to substitute it for me i must be licensed in florida at the time of filling date of this approved labor which is in 2003.

    thanks in advance


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  • kramesh_babu
    08-06 08:23 AM

    I got my I-140 approved last week at Texas Service Center and the status was Approval notice sent. Today, I got an email from CRIS mentioning this case has been transferred to Nebraska Service Center for processing where my I-485 is pending.
    Can anybody throw some light on this?



    Online status shows:


    Current Status: Case Transfered to Another Office for Processing

    On June 3, 2008, we transferred this case I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR
    ALIEN WORKER to our LINCOLN, NE location for processing and sent you a
    notice explaining this action. Please follow the instructions provided
    on the notice. We will notify you by mail when a decision is made. If
    you move while this case is pending, call customer service at
    1-800-375-5283 to update your address. You can use our processing dates to
    estimate when your case may be processed by following the link below. You
    can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case by
    registering in the link below.

    Shruthi, I see the similar message below on my I140 as well which was approved a year ago. Did you have any updates after that ?

    On August 5, 2008, we transferred this case I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER to our LINCOLN, NE location for processing and sent you a notice explaining this action.

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  • svam77
    12-04 05:35 PM
    Thanks !! My 140 is indeed pending. But I dont have plans to move to EAD now. I am moving to EAD only after my 140 is approved.


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  • sku
    12-25 03:19 PM
    I planning to use AC 21 from Next week, I plan to call my parents in July 2008, What should I mention as my Immigration Status in Invitation letter.

    As I will not be on H1B and neither I have Green Card ?

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  • cableman
    11-20 01:46 PM
    My H1B 6 yr limit is set to expire in July 2008. I have an EAD/AP from filing in July. I want to invoke AC21 and change jobs using EAD. I hear a lot of people mention about keeping your H1B visa just in case the I-485 application gets rejected. But even if I extend my H1, it will be based on the fact that I have applied for I-485 since I am over the 6 yr limit. In that case, won't my H1 extension be void too if the I-485 gets rejected. I am not really sure how maintaining H1B/EAD together helps people in my situation. ANy thoughts/inputs welcome.

    Thank you.

    You extend you H-1B (< 6yrs) based on approved PERM and/or approved I-140. So if your I-485 was rejected, your H-1B would be safe. However, if your employee or USCIS revoked the approved PERM/I-140, then I don't know what would happen to the extended H-1B.

    If you invoked EAD and USCIS rejected your I-485, you would lose the EAD as well as the I-485 pending status because EAD was granted on your pending I-485 status.


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  • ksvreg
    07-01 11:55 PM
    Is it possible to ship the two I-485 pakcages to INS?

    My labor and 140 already approved. My law firm preparing I-485 to submit through same day service.

    In case if they are not able to do it within the time, I want to submit I-485 on Monday through same day service without telling to the law firm.

    This causes duplicate submission. Can I or law firm subsequently with draw one of the I-485 later?

    Please advise. Urgent. Appreciate your help.

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  • pcs
    07-08 08:46 AM
    We need to expose all these attorneys ( read blood suckers)

    It can be easily done on IV


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  • askreddy
    06-19 12:45 AM
    Thanks CoopHeal.

    Others Any suggestions?


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  • satishku_2000
    07-12 01:52 PM
    They might accept the application but send in an RFE with a request to pay the difference ;)

    Wish USCIS accepts applications after 27th and ask for the fee difference .. Win Win for all if the fee was the concern for USCIS .. hehe:D :D

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  • sunnymit
    02-19 02:22 PM
    My wife came to US in 2008 on H4 visa. Last year (2009) she got her H1-B visa approved. She applied for a SSN on Oct 1st, 2009 but is still waiting on it! When we enquired from the SS office about the delay they said that her first and last names in INS database are mispelled which is why it doesn't match their system, hence the delay. Even though I showed them the H1-B approval notice with the correct name on it they keep insisting that the INS system that they are verifying against shows the mispelled name. I took an Infopass and went to the INS office and got the confirmation that there is no such problem with their system. Both SS office and INS are not giving me anything in writing that I can take to the other party in order to get the issue resolved. It has been almost 5 months and we are still waiting for her SSN.

    Has anyone else faced this issue?

    What should we do to get this fixed? What are our options here?

    05-17 10:41 AM

    I will be done with my second master's this July 29. I have two months grace period to leave the country as I already used my OPT after my first master's. I have a job offer and they are willing to do my H1B which starts from October 2011. But my two months grace period will end this september 29. If my H1B is filed in September under Premium processing, will I be in status or out of status for those two days. Did any one face similar problem before. If so, can you please give me the solution?



    08-15 09:26 AM
    I'm in the same situation. There is a 1 letter difference in my Father's name in the passport and in my birth certificate.

    My lawyer went ahead and filed my 485. I did an affidavit later and sent it to the lawyer. He says he'll send the affidavit only if there is an RFE. Hope the helps.

    ****NOT A LEGAL ADVISE****

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